Re: Squirrel Mail 1.5.2 SVN and connection to outgoing SMTP server over TLS give me Server error: (0) and link to list over known bugs not working from the bug plugin

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>> ---Paul wrote---
>> SquirrelMail supports STARTTLS.  If I recall correctly, you set
>> $use_smtp_tls to 2 in config.php
>> ---
>> But I only has changed the communication to the SMTP-server via the
>> administrative plugin to "STARTTLS". Will this plugin change the settings in
>> the config.php file?
> The administrator plugin was never updated with this selection when
> STARTTLS was added.  I will make a fix in SVN in the coming days.  In
> the meantime, you can directly edit config/config.php

Actually, the Administrator plugin for 1.5.2 did have STARTTLS support
already, but it was slightly broken.  I fixed that and added full
STARTTLS support for the plugin under 1.4.23.  Snapshots with said fixes
should be available in the next daily SVN snapshot on our downloads page
within 24 hours or via SVN directly now.

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