Re: Squirrel Mail 1.5.2 SVN and connection to outgoing SMTP server over TLS give me Server error: (0) and link to list over known bugs not working from the bug plugin

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Hi Paul

Thanks for your answers.
---Paul Wrote---
Are you sure it requires a TLS connection from the outset? Normally port
587 is used with STARTTLS, where the connection is plaintext and then upgraded. Sometimes you can connect to port 465 with TLS.
Now I has communicated with my hosting company. They write me that the outgoing SMTP-server only can be accessed on port 25 and 587. Therefore I will mean that I not can use the TLS-option in SquirrelMail, since my hosting company use STARTTLS over port 587.

As I have understand the difference between STARTTLS and TLS, STARTTLS is a protocol where the client, e.g. SquirrelMail, first communicate over an unsecure connection, but after that communicate over TLS, because STARTTLS tell SquirrelMail that the server can communicate over TLS. When I select the TLS-option in the SquirrelMail interface, SquirrelMail and other applications, require a "directly" TLS-connection via another port number, e.g. 465.

Is it correct understood?

You can test for each by doing a plain telnet on the command line like this:

telnet 587

telnet 465
My hosting company has closed for Telnet outside their network.

> I hope that you please can correct the link in a upcoming release of 
> Squirrel Mail.

It has been fixed in our source repository, thanks for the report.

Nice to see that :-). Where can I upgrade SquirrelMail from?


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