Re: Where is the pluging for "Select all"?

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On 2017-01-05 10:04:27 Alan in Toronto hacked into the keyboard:
> The Select Range plugin includes a "Toggle All" link up above the
> message list,

I see it now, but there is a flaw with it:

If you have a mailfolder which is splited into several  pages,  mean  at
least 8 pages, then it is broke up into two lines in  several  languages

Better would be like in SM  2011xxxx  the  checkbox  above  the  message

> but
> IIRC you must apply the patch for it to show.

Nop!  --  it  works  in  SM 1.4.23 SVN  without  any  patches.   I  just
downloaded the plugin, unziped in the pluginfolder and activated it.

> I don't recall there ever being a
> checkbox to toggle all.


Can it be, that it was another Plugin, which was removed the  last  five

Have a nice evening or whatever...

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