Re: User prefs and other data files wiped out during server reboot

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On 2016年11月07日 13:34, Alan in Toronto wrote:
> SquirrelMail 1.4.22
> Applied patch to functions/mime.php that is included in 1.4.23svn
> PHP 5.2.9, SuPHP module, Zend Optimizer
> Dovecot 1.1.19 (in a cPanel release), but uses some Courier NAMESPACE settings such
> as prefix = INBOX.
> Maildir mail storage format
> Mail is stored in /home/webaccountname/mail/mailusername/
> Apache 2.0.63, cPanel virtual web hosting account
> ESMTP Exim exim-4.87-5.cp1156
> IMAP Server Address:
> SMTP Server Address:
> Server side sorting is enabled
> Server side thread sorting is disabled
> Allow editing of identities: Yes
> Allow editing of full name: Yes
> SquirrelMail access via SSL (https) for entire session
> Browser: usually IE9, plus testing on others
> User login with full e-mail address, e.g. alan@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Many plugins, including: Auto Complete; Folder Synch; Select Range; etc.
> Compatibility plugin 2.0.16
> SquirrelMail configtest: pass
> Hello:
> Today when I was logged into my own user account in my SquirrelMail installation,
> the server was rebooted. That wiped out my user prefs file and several other related
> files for signatures and some plugin data.
> e.g.
> user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> user@xxxxxxxxxx.s1
> user@xxxxxxxxxx.s2
> user@xxxxxxxxxx.words
> etc.
> The filenames still exist in that directory, but the contents have been somehow
> wiped out.
> The last time this occurred, a web server support tech had killed all server
> connections to stop a spammer. I was logged into SquirrelMail at that time. He
> thinks that because SquirrelMail couldn't properly access those files, or because
> they were in use, the contents got wiped out and became zero bytes.
> Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

When a user is logged in, those files remain on disk as normal files.
The only reason I can think of for them to get wiped is if the files
were actually being updated when the reboot happened.  I doubt
SquirrelMail can do much about that, unless you want to make a plugin
that creates backup preference files or something.  Instead I'd suggest
you have a backup system on the machine from where you can pull files
when this happens.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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