Support of latest standard of mail transfer protocol

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Today I received the message:

Hello,As a user of the Yandex.Mail service via an email client, you will
not be able
to send or receive messages through Yandex.Mail after April, 25 2016, if
your email
client is one of the older versions of The Bat!, Mail.App, Outlook, or
which do not support the latest standard of mail transfer protocol.Please
your email client to a later version (see the detailed instructions for how
to do this on our Support page), or continue using Yandex.Mail online. You
can log
into your web-based Yandex.Mail account at using the username
and password for your email client. If you cannot remember this
information, use the
password recovery form.For more information, see the Yandex.Mail Help section
or send your questions via feedback form.Thank you for using Yandex.Mail,
Yandex.Mail Team          © 2001—2016 "Yandex"


What is this about?

I have been having some strange problems with Squirrelmail .22 in the last
weeks or days. Are these problems due these changes?

Will the stable version of Squirrelmail have this and other problems that
should not exist in "stable versions" fixed?

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