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More info: I've discovered an issue with the value returned from the
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] variable. For some reason the value contains the path
to a particular file concatendated to itself, like this:


This causes HTTP 404 errors when attempting to process (delete, move, etc)
displayed messages because the path to the PHP source files ends up being
invalid. The fix is to replace PHP_SELF with SCRIPT_NAME in the
functions/strings.php file at line 1514 inside the php_self() function.That
is, change this:

if (!sqgetGlobalVar('PHP_SELF', $request_uri, SQ_SERVER)

to this:

if (!sqgetGlobalVar('SCRIPT_NAME', $request_uri, SQ_SERVER)

I entered a bug report in SourceForge
( that was closed as
invalid with this comment:

"While the various CGI variables provided by PHP can seem like a web of
confusion, they are never given in such incorrect fashion unless you have a
botched server-side configuration. This problem is not a SquirrelMail
problem; it is a mistake in your Nginx/FCGI configuration."

So back to my original question: can someone please help me figure out
what's broken in my Nginx/FCGI configuration? It's working just fine for
other services I'm running on the same server, like Drupal.

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