Re: Squirrelmail does not connect to SSL IMAP server after upgrading to PHP 5.6

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Le 10/01/2016 22:11, Dmitry Katsubo a écrit :
> On 09/01/2016 22:54, Paul Lesniewski wrote:
>>> I haven't checked the complete sources (and I am neither king on PHP),
>>> but as far as I see from my patch, the options should be set on the
>>> stream. You basically need to apply the function which I define in my
>>> patch on the stream (hence you don't need $imap_stream_options):
>> No patch is needed unless one is running outdated code.
>>> $imap_stream = @stream_socket_client($imap_server_address ...);
>>> sqenable_ssl($imap_stream);
>>>> Thank you for this work. Unfortunately, these patchs are designed for SM
>>>> 1.5, whereas I run Squirrelmail 1.4 (which seems to be very different).
>>>> I didn't manage to make any suitable patch for SM 1.4.
>>>> That said, you may want to push them to SourceForge repos. :)
>>> That was one of the reasons why I stopped using SquirrelMail: v1.5.x was
>>> in Debian experimental repo, but not developing. Maybe SSL was
>>> backported to 1.4.x since then, but at that moment it was the only
>>> version that supported SSL for IMAP.
>> Yes, 1.4.x has SSL support, but your use of 1.5.1 is highly
>> discouraged.  Please upgrade to 1.5.2 if you want to use 1.5.x.
> Thanks for the information. Was v1.5.2 ever released? Maybe that is
> preventing the package to appear in Debian repo.

According to SM website, 1.5.2 is the development version. Stable 
version is stuck at 1.4.22.

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