Re: Squirrelmail does not connect to SSL IMAP server after upgrading to PHP 5.6

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On 08/01/2016 18:32, Julien Métairie wrote:
> As far as I understand, stream_socket_client() should be used instead of
> fsockopen() and a context should be passed as 6th argument. That's why I
> tried the following :
> $imap_stream_options = array(
>     'tls' => array(
>         'verify_peer' => false,
>     ),
>     'ssl' => array(
>         'verify_peer' => false,
>         ),
> );
> $context = stream_context_create($imap_stream_options);
> $imap_stream = @stream_socket_client($imap_server_address ...);

I haven't checked the complete sources (and I am neither king on PHP),
but as far as I see from my patch, the options should be set on the
stream. You basically need to apply the function which I define in my
patch on the stream (hence you don't need $imap_stream_options):

$imap_stream = @stream_socket_client($imap_server_address ...);

> Thank you for this work. Unfortunately, these patchs are designed for SM
> 1.5, whereas I run Squirrelmail 1.4 (which seems to be very different).
> I didn't manage to make any suitable patch for SM 1.4.
> That said, you may want to push them to SourceForge repos. :)

That was one of the reasons why I stopped using SquirrelMail: v1.5.x was
in Debian experimental repo, but not developing. Maybe SSL was
backported to 1.4.x since then, but at that moment it was the only
version that supported SSL for IMAP.

With best regards,

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