spice-streaming-agent display problem

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Hello dear devs,

I installed VMware Workstation Pro on my laptop , and I installed a CentOS8 virtual machine . Then in CentOS8 , another Ubuntu18.04 virtual machine was installed via virt manager . So CentOs8 is host , Ubuntu18.04 is guest , and there is another windows7 virtual machine in VMware Workstation Pro , windows7 is client . 

Now I'm using spice-streaming-agent, I built it in Ubuntu18.04 , and I had added the "org.spice-space.stream.0" channel . 

Then when I want to access this Ubuntu18.04 in another  windows system via remote-viewer , old spice display works well and the spice-streaming-agent creates a new window in remote-viewer , but the new display window has no picture , just black . And in Ubuntu18.04's terminal , there is a warning : spice-streaming-agent[9710]: Warning: the Frame Capture plugin returned device display info for more than one display device, but we currently only support a single device. Sending information for first device to the server.

What should I do to solve this problem ? 

Thanks in advance !

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