Re: Need simple spice copy and past device (for terminal use)

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Il giorno dom 4 giu 2023 alle ore 09:00 Serle Shuman
<serle.shuman@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> Assuming that the host is a windows based environment and the guest is s qemu based linux terminal only environment e.g ubuntu server without x11, then there are currently no features targeted specifically at exposing a character device in the terminal that one can redirect text to and from the host's clipboard. e.g.
> 1. from host -> guest (via spice clipboard)
> host: copy from cheetsheet to clipboard
> guest shell: dev/cb > <command>         # redirect from clipboard device to standard out
> 2. from guest -> host (via spice clipboard)
> guest: <command> > dev/cb                  # redirect standard out to the clipboard device
> host:
>   a. graphical paste menu item in some application
>   b. dev/cb > command                          # redirect from spice cb device on host to another command

   I think you are confusing the client with the host. With SPICE you
use a client (either same as host or different) and you connect to the
host to access the guest.

Besides that, won't it be easier to enable SSH and use it instead? You
would have clipboard support and more integration with Windows. You
could use Tmux or a different terminal manager to have more terminals.


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