Re: Need simple spice copy and past device (for terminal use)

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Not sure if you are asking for help, suggesting a feature or
interested in implementing this.

On Sun, Jun 04, 2023 at 07:04:54AM +0100, Serle Shuman wrote:
> Assuming that the host is a windows based environment and the
> guest is s qemu based linux terminal only environment e.g
> ubuntu server without x11, then there are currently no features
> targeted specifically at exposing a character device in the
> terminal that one can redirect text to and from the host's
> clipboard. e.g.

With SPICE you can't do it. SPICE copies the clipboard data from
the client, transfer it to spice-vdagent which transfer it to
guest's clipboard (x11 only, no wayland support)

> 1. from host -> guest (via spice clipboard)
> host: copy from cheetsheet to clipboard
> guest shell: dev/cb > <command>         # redirect from clipboard device to
> standard out
> 2. from guest -> host (via spice clipboard)
> guest: <command> > dev/cb                  # redirect standard out to the
> clipboard device
> host:
>   a. graphical paste menu item in some application
>   b. dev/cb > command                          # redirect from spice cb
> device on host to another command

You could hack spice-vdagent to interact with something else
other than x11's clipboard if that's something you are interested


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