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On Mon, May 29, 2023 at 05:47:17PM +0100, Frediano Ziglio wrote:
> > > I would personally add configuration to the server, MSI files are
> > > probably used by Windows users.
> >
> > Could you try adding the download attribute (by changing the html
> > first and then trying to download the file), just to see if that
> > as a workaround works?
> I could try to reproduce the issue using another server but our
> HTML pages are generated so we would need to change the
> generator, so we will also need to change the system. It would
> take me some time, I don't use Apache every day. Do you think
> it's worth doing?

What I meant was to edit the html in the browser (e.g: both
firefox and chrome support right click > inspect plus edit)

If that works out, we might not need to touch the server, only
the generation of the HTML by adding the download attribute.

By all means, we can wait to see if the mime.types change can be
done first.


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