Re: Agent crashes on Alpine Linux guest due to lack of /dev/uinput

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> > I installed Alpine Linux 3.16 virtual machine edition on QEMU/KVM using Virt-Manager. I installed XFCE on it. I wanted to enable copy-and-paste, so I tried to install spice-vdagent on it, but it kept crashing. I checked the output using the "-x" parameter, and basically, it crashed due to the lack of /dev/uinput. The screenshot is at
> > 
> > I do not know Linux much, so I am not sure if /dev/uinput is not present due to the settings of the virtual machine or because I have not installed something on Alpine Linux. I tried the standard edition of Alpine, and right after the installation, /dev/uinput was not present.
> > 
> > In case that Alpine Linux indeed does not support /dev/uinput, can't the spice service run anyway? All I want is text copy-and-paste between the host and the guest, and does that feature need /dev/uinput?
> Hi,
> try to add "-f -u /dev/null" to the parameters (that is
> "--fake-uinput --uinput-device /dev/null").
> Frediano

In Alpine Linux, if I install the "spice-vdagent" package, there seem to be two executables: spice-vdagentd and spice-vdagent. I ran spice-vdagentd with "-x -d -d -f -u /dev/null" and this time, it did not crash. But as soon as I ran "spice-vdagent -x -d", the virtual machine's mouse stopped working. With the debug messages from spice-vdagentd, I knew that the daemon was receiving the mouse pointer movements and button clicks, but somehow the XFCE desktop did not get it, so I could not do things like clicking a window. Keyboard was working, though. Also, probably copy-and-paste also would work, because in the debug message from spice-vdagent, it seemed to have received the event, when I copied some text on the host OS. How can I fix this mouse not moving problem?

Also, there is another problem. It seems that after running "spice-vdagentd -x -f -u /dev/null", any subsequent execution of it fails with "Fatal could not create the server socket /run/spice-vdagentd/spice-agent-sock: Error binding to address (GUnixSocketAddress): No such file or directory. Rebooting the guest OS did not solve the problem. Here is the screenshot:

Luckily, I had created a snapshot right after installing Alpine Linux and XFCE, so I can revert it and keep testing. If there is anything more I can do, please let me know.

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