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Hi Dirk,

For such a use, I suggest that you connect with CodeWeavers and particularly directly with Jeremy White (CCd) who actually developed x11spice. I'd expect that they would be happy to offer you the collaboration, tweaking and support you could need. :)



On Sat, Oct 15, 2022 at 12:19 PM Eibach, Dirk <Dirk.Eibach@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Frediano,

thanks for having a look into this.
> ...
>    Did you mean something like
> ?

Maybe, thanks. I will have a closer look. We are on windows though.

> Which OS and why not VNC and RDP if you are not using Qemu?

Long story. We have a Windows base robot controller that will be Linux based in the next controller generation. The controller is rendering the GUI and it is transferred from the Display-Port output to the operator panel with a proprietary hardware over fiber.
Now we are designing a new operator panel that should display the GUI and get it from the controller with a remote desktop protocol. For our prototype we are using VNC and it works alright but the performance is limited. There is also no option to connect USB-drives from the ope rator panel to the controller via VNC.
RDP might work, but a  showstopper is, that the local console gets locked. We are using the local console to connect a second display.
Spice looks extremely promising because it is really cross platform, has no local console lock, offer USB forwarding and seems to perform nicely.

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