Re: qxldod driver for Windows 11

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Hi Carlos,

On Fri, Sep 02, 2022 at 12:08:04AM +0000, Carlos González wrote:
> I downloaded latest virtio-win ISO, and by browsing it I
> noticed that, unlike the other drivers, for the qxldod one
> there's only up to win10, and no explicit win11 versions.
> Does this mean that there are no drivers for Windows 11, and no
> possibility of setting up a VM with full SPICE support?
> Thanks beforehand.

You are correct, the last cycle of development was focused for
windows 10.

I expect windows 11 to maintain some compatibility with windows
10 so the drivers should work to some extent but I did not test

I'd not hope for further development on qxl unless there is
someone interested in investing time on it (and it would take
some time).

I'd instead switch to virtio-vga / virtio-gpu as this seems to
have an active community.


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