Re: Issue: About how to config the resolution of monitor in spice-server

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On Tue, Jul 05, 2022 at 05:07:03PM +0800, yuyang247@xxxxxxx wrote:
> HI,
> I am a user of spice,  I have a issue  to request your help.
> that,  when debuging spice-server, I want to dynamic config the resolution of monitor。
> I debug it in  fuction  reds_on_main_agent_monitors_config  of
> red.c,   and   operated  some  sentence as
> monitors_config->monitors[0].height = 600; but this
> configuration  was  changed  at the next time. 
> so ,which function  in  spice-server  could help to  solve this
> problem , or how  operating the fuction in spice-server , I
> cloud  adjust the  resolution of monitor at will.
> thank you, very much! 

Why do you want to hard code this on host side? Wouldn't it be
fine if you set the Display size from the Guest and disabling
SPICE Client's auto-resizing?

What usually happens is that auto-resizing is enabled
("resize-guest" property of spice-gtk's spice-widget) and every
time client's widget changes its size, it sends the new monitor
message with new display size/state. Disabling this (which is the
default for spice-gtk), should be enough.


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