Re: How to make QXL capture the whole desktop area?

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Il giorno lun 4 lug 2022 alle ore 18:35 Walter Mitty
<waltermitty121906@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> Hi guys,
> QXL generates bitmap data which is the updated area. If I wanna  make it capture the whole desktop area, is it possible?
> Yours,
> Walter

  it's not clear which component you are talking about. Usually data
is generated by some userspace tool, passed to QXL driver (OS one)
which potentially creates a bitmap and passes to Qemu/SPICE QXL. Yes,
you can use QXL also to capture but usually you just ask the desktop
manager of your OS to do the capture in a system-independent way, you
don't need to use QXL specific requests.


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