Re: Does SPICE support long time single touch to trigger right click action?

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On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 11:32:26AM +0800, Walter Mitty wrote:
> As we all know, on windows 10 touch device, user can long touch
> to trigger right click. I found that it does not work on SPICE.
> My question is: Is this a SPICE BUG or some hidden features
> that enabled by some params? 
> Thanks in advance.

Spice client sends the events to Spice sever which handles it out
to QEMU to do the emulation part on the guest. That is, client
sends mouse_press and eventually mouse_release.

If this is not working, you can consider it a bug. Needs to track
it down in which component it'd be.

> Regards,
> Walter.

Sorry long delays on replying here.


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