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Hi Michael,

On Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 11:26 AM Michael Toulson <jole169@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Spice team

I been trying to work out what I’m missing
I have Spice running fine for some time on my main windows pc
after some time it start having problem
I did a clean install of windows 10
I have been trying to trouble shot this for the pass week
as I have backup and restored backup
I run a windows 10 VM within Proxmox witch is fine
but when I try and open the console it download a file when it should of had a pop up to open console

It seems you are missing a vv-file mime type binding (and possibly virt-viewer itself).
On what OS does your remote-viewer run (aka, the client machine)?
Try to re/install virt-viewer (uninstall if it's already installed).

Also, you can try the following and see if it works:
- Download the vv file
- Run remote-viewer <downloaded-vv-file>

Hope that helps,

could you help me as well show me what I should be downloading to get this running i’m so lost at this point on my knows that I did get it running last time I had the following

please help me I tried the IRC with is new for me I have no idea what I was doing i’m also on Discord @ EQUALITY_CG#2842
I really enjoy SPICE when it was working because of the speed was so fast then VNC but not sure what to do now as I installed the win x86 as well and did not work on the clean install of windows


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