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Hi Neal,

On Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 01:48:17PM -0700, Neal Piche wrote:
> I am on macOS. Most applications are able to accept changes to
> the audio device from the system and output sound to that
> device.
> I use QEMU, and if I leave spice extensions disabled, the guest
> OS is able to accept changes to the audio device multiple
> times. When I turn on spice extensions, QEMU will try to
> continue outputting sound to the original device. No matter
> what I change the output device to, it will keep whatever it
> had originally. I don't know if it is QEMU using spice
> incorrectly, a misconfiguration, or a bug in one of the spice
> packages.

I'm not sure I understood either. It is either what Frediano
asked or you are saying that QEMU is ignoring the preference to
redirect audio through Spice.

Note that, as far as I know, this kind of setting needs a
shutdown + start again to the VM, in order to change the audio

Either way, it should help if you provide the qemu command line
(of the setting you think there is a bug) and information on
which spice client are you using.

> Oh, I have tried with a Debian bullseye and Whonix guest with
> the same results.
> Has anyone found a workaround? Should I file a bug, and if so where?


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