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Recently I sent patch set(still in pending state) to QEMU community to introduce camera subsystem and USB video class emulation. The framework looks like following:

   +---------+       +------------+     +---------------+
   |UVC(done)|       |virtio(TODO)|     |other HW device|
   +---------+       +------------+     +---------------+
         |                 |                     |
         |            +------------+             |
         |                 |                     |
  +------+------+     +----+-----+        +------+------+
  |builtin(done)|     |v4l2(done)|        |other drivers|
  +-------------+     +----------+        +-------------+

With these changes, we can emulate a UVC webcam for guest, it works without additional guest driver. And use local v4l2 video capture device or draw something into UVC device on host side.

And I have a plan to develop a new channel and relevant API for camera redirection in SPICE, then a desktop instance could use remote webcam.

Although USB redirection has already provided a solution to use a remote webcam, I notice that it uses a heavy network(1280*720@30FPS in MJPEG uses 5MB/s+). I have tested several webcam, and all of them don't support h264. So I'd like to develop camera redirection in SPICE with h264 support, and expect to reduce the network bandwidth(300K/s may be enough).

Could you please give me any suggestion about this?

Patch link:

zhenwei pi

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