Re: [RESEND PATCH 3/5] drm: Rename vgacon_text_force() function to drm_modeset_disabled()

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On 11/3/21 13:57, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:


>> -	if (vgacon_text_force()) {
>> +	if (drm_modeset_disabled()) {
>>   		DRM_ERROR("amdgpu kernel modesetting disabled.\n");
> Please remove all such error messages from drivers. 
> drm_modeset_disabled() should print a unified message instead.


>> -static bool vgacon_text_mode_force;
>> +static bool drm_nomodeset;
>> -bool vgacon_text_force(void)
>> +bool drm_modeset_disabled(void)
> I suggest to rename this function to drm_check_modeset() and have it 
> return a negative errno code on failure. This gives maximum flexibility 
> and reduces errors in drivers. Right now the drivers return something 
> like -EINVAL, which seems wrong. Returning -ENODEV seems more appropriate.

Good idea. I'll do it in v2 as well.
Best regards,
Javier Martinez Canillas
Linux Engineering
Red Hat

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