Fedora 34 guests can no longer paste from host

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Good day, I always used with success a Fedora 33 KDE host (qemu/kvm/libvirt+virt-manager) and a F33 KDE guest, and I have always been to copy paste from host to guest and viceversa

Now I tested two Fedora 34 Beta guests:
- KDE spin
- Workstation (GNOME)
and both of them fail to paste text and files from the host. spice-vdagent version is the same on both F33 and F34 guests: 0.21.0. Host machine has spice-gtk3-0.39-1.fc33.x86_64
All machines mentioned in this bugreport are Xorg based.

Hereunder I attach output of
$ SPICE_DEBUG=1 virt-viewer --connect qemu:///system

# virsh dumpxml fedora34gnome
What can be the problem?
Thank you

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