ANNOUNCE spice-server 0.15 release

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Hey everyone,

I just cut a new release in the 0.15.x stable series, so upgrading to it
is recommended.
If you find any bugs or regressions, please report them in our issue
See also

Major Changes in 0.15:

This is the first release in the new 0.15.x stable series. This release should
be ready for production use.

* Minor updates to CI
* Some compatibility with OpenSSL
* Change the behavior of handle_dev_start ignoring multiple start requests
* Ignore multiple calls to handle_dev_stop
* Pick up newer spice-common to fix a buffer overflow issue

These releases are signed with GPG key:

 206D 3B35 2F56 6F3B 0E65  72E9 97D9 123D E37A 484F

Kind Regards,
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