Re: Is the data after USB camera redirection compressed?

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On 1/30/21 1:25 PM, lx wrote:
Frediano Ziglio <freddy77@xxxxxxxxx> 于2021年1月29日周五 下午6:39写道:

Il giorno gio 28 gen 2021 alle ore 01:45 lx <lxlenovostar@xxxxxxxxx> ha

Uri Lublin <uril@xxxxxxxxxx> 于2021年1月27日周三 下午11:47写道:

On 1/27/21 4:22 AM, lx wrote:
Hi all:
         If I redirect USB camera to virtual machine, I think we send
original URB to virtual machine by USB channel.
Is this understanding correct? If we want to improve the user
we need to compress URB data?


If you build with lz4 enabled (both client and server),
then it should use lz4 to compress the data.

There is no functionality to create
a video stream out of raw data.

Can the USB camera be configured to send a compress stream?


    USB camera can support MJPG and YUV.   I think H264 is better than
MJPG. So Can we
let spice support H264 ? Is this feasible?

This is independent from SPICE, if the camera send compressed data
already SPICE will just
forward compressed data in whatever format is in USB.
If the camera supports MJPEG and YUV choose MJPEG, YUV is not
compressed (just a different color
space than RGB, often taking less bits but still not compressed).


If the camera chooses YUV, can we encode it to H264 in SPICE? Is this

Currently, SPICE does not do look at USB data.

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