Re: Is the data after USB camera redirection compressed?

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Uri Lublin <uril@xxxxxxxxxx> 于2021年1月27日周三 下午11:47写道:
On 1/27/21 4:22 AM, lx wrote:
> Hi all:
>         If I redirect USB camera to virtual machine, I think we send
> original URB to virtual machine by USB channel.
> Is this understanding correct? If we want to improve the user experience,
> we need to compress URB data?


If you build with lz4 enabled (both client and server),
then it should use lz4 to compress the data.

There is no functionality to create
a video stream out of raw data.

Can the USB camera be configured to send a compress stream?


   USB camera can support MJPG and YUV.   I think H264 is better than MJPG. So Can we 
let spice support H264 ? Is this feasible? 

Thank you

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