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> > On May 10, 2021, at 2:17 AM, Reshetova, Elena <elena.reshetova@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> >
> > What is the best way to create identifiers for the findings that certain smatch
> > pattern finds in the kernel? Let's say I have a new pattern that is able to find
> > different problematic places and report them in usual smatch way: errors and
> > warnings with file name, line number, function name, etc.
> > Now for our pattern in order to be sure that the reported issue exists/does not
> > exists, somebody needs to go and look at the code manually and make a call.
> > After this, it would be nice to mark this place as safe/concern in the report and be
> > able to transfer these results for kernel versions bumps (5.11->5.12, etc.) as soon
> as
> > the code in this function where finding was reported has not changed (and there
> > might be multiple findings per function).
> When I was doing a similar thing to integrate smatch into gerrit, I decided that
> line numbers are too unreliable a metric to really depend on.
> Instead for most cases just using the rest of the message seems to be good enough?
> Function name, whatever variable or the message there is and such is used to filter
> out
> known failures (two kinds: false positives and actual bugs that need to be fixed, but
> are yet unfixed so no point in alerting people to them again and again on unrelated
> review requests)
> Seems to be working well though I am sure might not be super perfect.

I don't think this would be good enough for our case, since what we essentially looking 
for with smatch is a set of function calls to a specific functions. So, I end up with 
smth like:

drivers/vme/boards/vme_vmivme7805.c:69 vmic_probe() warn: read using function
 'ioread32' to an int type local variable 'data', type is uint
drivers/vme/boards/vme_vmivme7805.c:74 vmic_probe() warn: read using function
 'ioread32' to an int type local variable 'data', type is uint

The two above items are in the same function vmic_probe(), making the same function
call " ioread32" and writing down the result of this function call into the same var 'data'.
They just happen to do this in two different places in vmic_probe function. 
So, essentially they are even exactly the same lines in this case and the only difference is
relative line position within the analyzed vmic_probe() function. 

> In the end I guess your end goal is unclear? Once you have those results from two
> different kernel versions and there are some minute changes, are you just trying to
> avoid retriaging things in unchanged code only? That might be quite a burden
> if you have lots of false positives, for example.

Yes, I want to avoid retriaging the things that have been triaged before and if the code
has not been changed within the single function. 

Best Regards,

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