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On 11-09-24 03:58 PM, warrensmith631 wrote:
> I put them in the scripts folder with all the other .SCM's but can't find
> them in GIMP. What menu item do scripts show up? I can't find any of
> them. The manual says "If you don't find scripts, look for them under the
> root file menu filters". What the heck is the "root file menu filter"?

It refers to the sub-menus under the Create menu entry located under the 
main File menu. Many Script-Fu scripts which create new images (not ones 
that create a new image by modifying other images) have been placed here.

> Also I get lots of errors such as:
>Error while loading C:\Program
> Files\Gimp-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts\line-art.scm:
> Error: set!: unbound variable: OPMODE-LIST

If you are seeing an "unbound variable" message, this is an old (pre-2.4) 
script which needs to be updated. Until the errors are fixed the script 
won't register itself in the menus of GIMP. For help on migrating scripts to 
the current API of GIMP, look at the migration guide found at:

If you need additional help with the script, provide the URL where you found 
the script you are trying to use, or ask on the GIMP IRC channel.

> I am using GIMP 2.6.11 on WinXP sp3. It seems like the menu itms layout
> of GIMP is constantly changing with each minor revision and this makes
> older scripts and tutorials to be useless because they refer to old menu
> items.

There is an ongoing effort to improve the UI of GIMP which has affected the 
menu layout and older tutorials. Other internal changes to GIMP have had an 
impact on older scripts. One of the biggest of these changes was the change 
from SIOD to TinyScheme as the Scheme interpreter used in Script-Fu. It 
causes the type of error you are seeing with scripts not in compliance with 
the existing Scheme standards as defined in the R5RS.

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