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Actually I think currently it is best to learn how to use the regular GIMP versions.

As far as I know the development of GimpShop has already been discontinued and GimPhoto is based on an old GIMP version (GIMP 2.4.3).

So then it is better to learn how to use GIMP 2.6.x especially because with 2.6 the menu system has been changed.

Currently this discussion has been started in the script-fu group. 
It this question about how to start using The GIMP or about how to start writing script-fu scripts for The GIMP ?

When you want to learn GIMP you could have a look at the GIMP User Manual at 
On the other hand you can try to follow some GIMP tutorials. These explain step by step how to achieve results with GIMP.

At you could have a look at the Tutorials-section or the Clbus / communities section to  have a look at some GIMP tutorials.

When you have questions about using The GIMP you could ask a question in the GIMP2-user group (see link below). When you want to know something about script-fu you could ask your question here.



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