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Rob Antonishen wrote:
> I see in
> the pdb that there is a cancel callback. Can anyone provide examples
> of how to use that?

I don't know to which PDB function you are referring.

> My plugin involves the use of a mask layer parameter. I see some (non
> scrip-fu) plugins restrict that type of parameter to one that
> "matches" the size of the active layer (an example is in the lighting
> render).

If you are talking about automatic changes in the range of sliders, or choices 
in drop down settings, this can't be done in Script-Fu. A script only provides 
information to the Script-Fu plug-in about the parameters to be shown in the 
dialog box. A script can't determine which image is active at the time it is 
invoked so it couldn't get the image parameter values so it could affect the 
way the dialog box is presented.


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