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Chad Jones wrote:
> I know you maintain the website: 
> I was wondering on that page listed above you list all of the available 
> script-fu functions available in the Gimp.  I was wondering is this list 
> still complete?

SIOD is the name of the Scheme interpreter used in the 2.2, and earlier, 
versions of GIMP. The list is not applicable to the 2.4, and later, versions.

The main reference for Scheme functions available to Script-Fu scripts in GIMP 
2.4, and later, is the R5RS which can be found at:

Not all of the features described in the R5RS are implemented. In particular, 
define-syntax, dynamic-wind, big numbers, and complex numbers are not 
(currently) supported. There may be a few other items not supported but these 
are the ones that come immediately to mind.

In addition to the functions described in the R5RS, there are a few additional 
functions provided in the SIOD compatability library. They can be found in the 
script-fu-compat.init file. The routines in that file are some of the more 
common SIOD based functions used by scripts written before the release of the 
2.4 version of GIMP. The compatability routines are added on an as needed 
basis dependant on ease of implementation. Some SIOD functions are easy to 
implement in a standards compliant Scheme interpreter and are more likely to 
be added. Other functions may be harder, or even not possible, to implement 
solely in Scheme and will be less likely to be added.


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