File-only global variable in Script-Fu?

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I have been using Script-fu within the Gimp recently and it has turned out quite nicely.  Though today a question came up that I wanted to ask.  If I want to create a file global variable or constant which is global to that file but not viewable outside that file what is the recommended way of doing this?  In C I would use "static int InternalPadding = 10;" the static making it global to that file only and not viewable outside.  But I don't know how to do this in Script-fu.  What is the recommended way of doing this?

I have come across Pedro Gimeno's "Local Functions in Script-Fu" solution which includes wrapping the entire script-fu file in a let* statement.  I know this could be used to make variables local to that file.  The page is listed here:

Though is this the recommended way of doing this?  Perhaps there is another better method I am overlooking?  Also, I know define will define a variable which is global but is this something which will continue going forward in Script-fu?  

Thanks for insights and answers to my questions. :)

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