Re: Frequency Cleaner Script

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Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Jim Sabatke wrote:
>> I can get this one to load, it shows in the menu properly, but when I
>> want to use it,the two sub-selections are grayed out. I know Python is
>> working properly. I've tried it on gimp 2.2.x and 2.4.RC3.
> Just two points to make.
> 1. You didn't provide a pointer to the script since it isn't one shipped with 
> GIMP. However, an Internet search pointed me to the plug-in registry.
> 2. This mailing list is for people using the Scheme-based Script-Fu plug-in of 
> GIMP. You would be more likely to get help by posting to the gimp-users 
> mailing list.
> The only comment I can make about the script is that it is only designed to 
> work with grayscale images. If you are trying to run the script from an image 
> that is other than grayscale, the two menu entries (what you called 
> sub-selections?) would be grayed out.

Thanks for the reply.  Two things:

1. Sorry about sending this to a scheme group.  I should have known
better (slapping self on forehead).

2. After I sent the message, I actually figured out that I needed to
decompose the image.

The script takes well over an hour to run the initial FFT, so I'm not
sure how useful it will be anyway.



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