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Jim Sabatke wrote:
> I can get this one to load, it shows in the menu properly, but when I
> want to use it,the two sub-selections are grayed out. I know Python is
> working properly. I've tried it on gimp 2.2.x and 2.4.RC3.

Just two points to make.

1. You didn't provide a pointer to the script since it isn't one shipped with 
GIMP. However, an Internet search pointed me to the plug-in registry.
2. This mailing list is for people using the Scheme-based Script-Fu plug-in of 
GIMP. You would be more likely to get help by posting to the gimp-users 
mailing list.

The only comment I can make about the script is that it is only designed to 
work with grayscale images. If you are trying to run the script from an image 
that is other than grayscale, the two menu entries (what you called 
sub-selections?) would be grayed out.


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