Re: using a variable to increment another variable

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Andrei Thomaz wrote:
>             (nFrame 0)
>             (nLayerStep1 0)
>             (nLayerStep2 (/ 100 600))
>             (nLayerStep3 0)
>             (nLayerStep4 0)
>             (set! nOpacityLayer1 (+ nOpacityLayer1 nLayerStep1) )
>             (set! nOpacityLayer2 (+ nOpacityLayer2 nLayerStep2) )
>             (set! nOpacityLayer3 (+ nOpacityLayer3 nLayerStep3) )
>             (set! nOpacityLayer4 (+ nOpacityLayer4 nLayerStep4) )

The only variable that will have a changing value is nLayerStep2. The code you 
are showing has a value of 0 for the other three step values so the opacity 
value for those layers won't ever change.


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