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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Tim Jacobs <twjacobs@xxxx> wrote:
> lasm,
> You would set up subject areas for documentation, as well as 
> for who can upload documentation. Documentation that is uploaded 
must be
> checked by someone you designate (presumably yourself) and OKed for
> posting before it shows up on the site. Any documentation to be 
added to
> the site will have to be simple text or html only. The 
> will be available through the "Docs" link at the top of your page.

  SF has a lot of features to offer, but it's use is complex.
To use feature A, you do step one, after that, you do step 2, but
step 2 has 2 choices. After you make your choice, you move on to
step 3, but before you can complete step 3, you have to do step 4,
after you're done with step 4, you continue with step 3...

  How about that for instructions !! After a while you have a
deja-vu, oh no, here we go again.. Half the time i am just clicking
along without really knowing what's going to happen next around
the corner 8-)

> Thanks for the solarize. I've only checked it out on one image but 
> be playing more with it as I get some time.
> Tim

 Solarize seems to be quite common in a few graphics tutorial, 
some of the steps used require it.. so it's good to make it for
Gimp also.
> ps - I have created a table from the list of supported script-fu
> functions posted on this forum with short descriptions from 
> With a little more 
work, it
> might make a useful reference guide for your site.
   Post it when you are ready.. i'm sure a lot of scripters here will
find the reference handy, beats asking the apropos Oracle ;-)
you get a nod or a shake of the head from the Oracle, but sorry, no 
syntax there ;-)

   BTW, is the leaves screen shot available for posting elsewhere?
If it is not a copyrighted photo, i would like to use it !


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