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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Tim Jacobs <twjacobs@xxxx> wrote:
> I think I like the idea of sourceforge but the limited number of 
> shots is a bummer. Navigating the system isn't a problem for me, I've
> been using it for a while 
( - I
> wrote clens). I wouldn't put all the scripts into one file though. 
> one wouldn't be able to just download one script. I would make each
> script it's own package, like on the panotools page.
> Tim

  i think i used panotools to stitch some panoramas a couple years 
ago.. ;-)

  Yes, screen shots is limited to 6, but, fortunately, there seems to 
be no limit mentioned for web page... so potentially "unlimited" 
screen shots can be displayed in the web page... 
just need to set it up...

  i like the ONE zip file idea, because it simplifies things alot..
Everytime there is an upgrade, you just need to extract all or some of
the scripts, you will get the latest version... So convenient !!

  if you just want to download one or two files, instead of the whole
zip, there is another alternative !! Get it from the download link
of the anonymous CVS web page !!

  When the user reports a bug, he will need to provide the script
name, and most importantly, the release version of the zip file
being downloaded. i intend to tag every file with the zip file release,
number so the developer knows which file and which version is having 
the bug !!

  If a script-fu writer likes the ONE zip file idea, and wants to tag
along his script without messing around with the CVS/sourceforge 
minefield, it can be done also !! i will just create an upload
folder here at yahoogroups/File section, and then 
just cvs-it on behalf of the script-fu author.. it is really very
simple.. just as long as the script-fu writer maintains his own
script.. i don't want to be overwhelmed with bug mainteanance ;-);-)

  if you are already conversant with CVS and want the convenience and 
power, then you can join as member and help maintain your own scripts 
as well as others.

  Conceptually it should be possible to create a sandbox
for people who want to test out cvs... perhaps throw in a hello-world
script in that sandbox.. 

  Need to think through carefully, i believe the limitation now is
directories cannot be deleted without Sourceforge Admin help, because
there is no SSH access to CVS, so if the directories are messed up, 
it is going to be pretty ugly..

  The difference between compiled and interpreted, is in the compiled
project every source contributes to one final executable... Whereas in
interpreted script, every file stands alone !! That can be a good thing
and a bad thing.. it need to be handled differently cvs-wise... 





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