Re: Feedback on LAB wow ?

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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Mihai Basa" <mihaibasa@xxxx> 
> --- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "lasm.rm" <lasm@xxxx> wrote:
> >
> > Any feedback on using this script ?
> > 
> > What works ? What didn't work?
> > Is the line-art any good ?
> > 
> > thanks.
> > lasm
> >
> Oh wow... This is the first time I tried this script. Well, first 
> all.... What were you on when you typed the captions for all the
> controls?!! Haha, I'm only joking. But seriously... none of the
> kung-fu names have any meaning to me, and I think a casual user 
> not spend the week needed to try them all out and learn their
> significance by heart!... Maybe something a *little* more 

  Ha Ha.. Wait till you see the linux distro names ! ;-)

> The colour punch bit worked the best for me... There was some 
> clipping because of it, but it looked good! And it's adjustable, 
> (I presume that's what the "Tai Chi Curves" control is for) The 
> parts didn't work so well at all (the Shaolin Line Art with the 18
> Dragon Subduing palm bit, and the mystical 108 Weapons option left 
> I got a lot of Drawables Have Different Sizes errors for that; and
> others as well.
> Ok, so I'm running GIMP version 2.2.8 in Windows - does that have
> anything to do with it? And the script I tried is v3.1.

  Yes, only works for 2.3.4 It is not backward compatible.. I think 
there will be a lot of strange error messages if you run it in 2.2.8

> I couldn't try all the combinations of functions the script had, 
> because its interface is so utterly cryptic. Very very original and
> imaginative, it has that, but absolutely totally undecipherable 
too :).

Thanks for your comments.


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