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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Mihai Basa" <mihaibasa@xxxx> 
> Hi Tim!
> I was saying something a bit different. First of all, here's what 
> assuming the script does:
> 1. the script creates a "most saturated" version of the image and
> offers it to you as a layer.
> 2. then you adjust the intensity of the saturation effect by 
> the opacity of the layer down from 100% (unless you like the "most
> saturated" version and then you just keep the opacity at 100%).
> Step 2 is perfectly reasonable, but I see a problem with step 1. 
> do you generate a "most saturated" version and still make sure that
> you are not clipping any colours? Is the saturation process
> clip-proof? And if it is clip-proof... won't it be too weak if 
only a
> small insignificant portion of the image (a "hot" pixel for 
> is over-saturated already?
> The problem with colour-clipping would be that you would loose 
> *detail* (all the pixels will now have the same, maximum, 
> now) in the clipped parts, which you won't recover completely by
> reducing the opacity of the layer.
> This is why I thought the idea of a "most saturated" layer would 
> less-than-best in some situations.
> Mihai

Hi Mihai,

   It works on the whole image, so it is not clip-proof in any way 
at all.. I am not sure if there is a way to detect clipping, but no,
you have to decide how much is "too much saturation"..

   Right now, there are about 5 levels. You can select one of the
levels suitable for your image, then use the sliding opacity to
sort of "undo" or "fade" the effect to the desired level. If 
clipping occurs, the reduced opacity will also reduce the effect of 
clipping. Other wise, you can also try to mask out the clipping 
region, so the original layer at the bottom will "shine" through to 
the top ;-)

   If 5 levels is insufficient, you can repeat the script on the new 
layer, but at the cost of futher loss of image detail..

   However, i would agree with you that a level slider would probably
be the best solution. It is not difficult to do it, so i will 
include that in next version. After all, this is the strength of 
programming, it is more powerful than macro-recording !


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