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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Tim Jacobs <twjacobs@xxxx> wrote:
> Mihai,
> With an interactive tool I still think adding the layer is the most
> efficient (although trivially so). I think you are assuming that you
> would boost the effect more if it were a layer, so you could achieve the
> desired effect. I don't think this would be required. If you like the
> effect as it is, you simply leave the layer mode as "normal" and then
> flatten the image.

Hi Tim!

I was saying something a bit different. First of all, here's what I'm
assuming the script does:

1. the script creates a "most saturated" version of the image and
offers it to you as a layer.
2. then you adjust the intensity of the saturation effect by shifting
the opacity of the layer down from 100% (unless you like the "most
saturated" version and then you just keep the opacity at 100%).

Step 2 is perfectly reasonable, but I see a problem with step 1. How
do you generate a "most saturated" version and still make sure that
you are not clipping any colours? Is the saturation process
clip-proof? And if it is clip-proof... won't it be too weak if only a
small insignificant portion of the image (a "hot" pixel for example)
is over-saturated already?

The problem with colour-clipping would be that you would loose colour
*detail* (all the pixels will now have the same, maximum, saturation
now) in the clipped parts, which you won't recover completely by
reducing the opacity of the layer.

This is why I thought the idea of a "most saturated" layer would work
less-than-best in some situations.


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