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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Tim Jacobs <twjacobs@xxxx> wrote:
> lasm,
> Please see my comments below.
> On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 11:37 +0000, lasm.rm wrote:
> > Hi Tim,
> > 
> >   Perhaps i should just explain that LAB-WOW basically converts 
a RGB 
> > mode image to LAB mode, then work on the color channels 
> > i.e. a and b channel. This way, color saturation can be achieved 
> > without introducing artifacts as is the case with traditional 
> > hue/saturation adjustments.
> > 
> >   I have been wondering what is the best way to present a UI 
> > that could allow you to select a range of strength to apply to 
> > curves... Using a slider might be a good choice...but to get the 
> > script out quickly i used a simpler method to fix the different 
> > 
> >   How to use this script ? 
> > 1) Select color punch, run it with the strength you desire.
> > 2) A new image will be created which is highly saturated.
> > 3) Copy this image back to the original as a layer above the
> >    Background
> > 4) Slide the opacity level of the new image, and you will get
> >    the level of saturation you want according to your taste..
> > 
> >  Perhaps i should include step 3 as part of script so it 
> > generates a layer instead of a new image ?
> Ahh, I understand. Now I think the most saturated option may be 
the way
> to go. And I do think it would be better to create a new layer in 
> existing image instead of a separate one. Then one could use the 
> level to do fine tuning as you suggest.
> The down side to this is if one wanted to use this script in a 
> mode. Then the required user intervention would be not be 
desirable. In
> that case, a level option (either through a slider or as you 
> have it) would be better.

   i'm going to change it as it goes along..

> > 
> >  Step 4) lets you control the amount of saturation you want to
> > add to the photo. With this control is a slider still needed ?
> > 
> >  Based on the belief that a nicely saturated image is useful for
> > black and white conversion and conversion into line-art, i have 
> > extended the usefulness of the script a little by introducing
> > new features... The kung-fu is missing and will be added next 
> What will be the intention of the kung-fu option?
> > 

   kung-fu tweaks the posterize parameter of the script-fu ;-) 
The value is either 2 or 3, since i wanted a pure black result, no 
greys, this way, the line-art will also be cleaner, no messy lines, 
only neat, straight lines.. 

   One way to do it, is to vectorize the bitmap image, and then 
convert back to raster... This can be done by converting bitmap to 
path, then path to selection.. i did a short cut, and feather the
selection instead, hopefully the results isn't too different.

   The images are not meant to be final. From here, it can be used
to generate cartoons, and used in some other effects. 

  The main skeleton is completed. A couple more effects will be
added and then more tweaking options to add.. I wish script-fu has a 
label or comment string. That way i can group all the related 
tweaking things in one label, one group or one text box or something 
like that.. A simple comment line would be nice... Maybe tiny-fu 
will have some new enhancements to the UI options ??

   If you have done something interesting please post the image 
result. Maybe someone will be inspired to write some scripts along 
this line..


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