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lasm.rm wrote:
>   I am on 2.2 "stable" and found some changes in the PDB,
>   one of the bugs really got on my nerves... Turn out that
>   the PDB browser says gimp_display_new but it won't work,
>   the one which works is gimp-display-new .. Ugh... stuff like
>   that !

The PDB browser in the current CVS copy of GIMP now uses - instead of _ in 
procedure names. That is a step in the right direction, IMHO. It still shows 
the wrong form of named constants as far as Script-Fu writers are concerned.

To use named constants shown in the PDB browser output you need to drop the 
leading GIMP_ and change any remaining _ to -. For example, the named constant 
GIMP_MAKE_PALETTE as shown in the PDB browser should be MAKE-PALETTE in script 

I discussed this with the GIMP developers some time back suggesting that PDB 
brower show things from the point of view of Script-Fu. They didn't want to 
change it. As a result, it continues to show its C oriented plug-in roots and 
confuses some users who want to try their hand at writing or modifying their 
first Script-Fu script.


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