User Process fault 0x7 on S390 installation under VM

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I am attempting to install (2.4.9-37BOOT) under VM using CTC's to
connect to VM/TCPIP.   The installation gets as far as entering the IP
address of the VM Partner, then fails with several "User process fault
0x7" messages.  an ifconfig screen later in the script shows no CTC
interface is defined other than lo. 

CTC's are all defined to VM Correctly, and an installed  version of
TurboLinux runs successfully using the same definitions. 

Is there a problem with this installation, or have I done someting

Michael Mays
Mgr. Production Systems 
LASON, Inc.     
Office: (734) 632-1602      mmays@xxxxxxxxx
Cell:    (248) 390-6801
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