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Take a look at "man mmap" and see if that helps.  I'm not a C programmer
myself, so I don't know if that is what you're looking for or not.

Mark Post

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Hi! guys,

I'm trying to know if this common (or not so) feature of windows world is
available with the 390 kernel.

Some of the highlights are:

- allows you to read the file using a single pointer to memory;
- the file maybe contained into the swap file or you can use another swap to
hold the in memory file;
- you can create views of portions of the file;
- you can assign a 'name' to the file to share those views among several
- finally, is the way to share memory among exes and dlls since windows 95.

I have used this feature in the windows world. Now, I'm trying to move the
applications into Linux with the idea to run them in a 390 environment.
Thus, I would like to know it the feature is replicated. In case it is not
present in Linux environment, I will need to make some turn around for each
instance I used the feature.

I will be so thank you for your hints.

Carlos M. Morales


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