md5 checksum errors

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We have problems installing RedHat 7.1 s/390 on top of a z/800 running VM 4.X. We
run loader and often get different results. Most of the time the installer
(loader) will complete successfully, but the instance will not (VM) IPL. We have
reviewed both the anaconda and debug logs left in the loader area. We have also
reviewed the /tmp/install.log and messages.

The logs do not give us any indication of what is happening except that both
rhsetup and loader both complain of md5 checksum errors.

Sometimes we can get an instance to IPL and talk with the network but this is
about a 30 or 40% shot in the dark. 

We then decided to run the rhsetup install program and noticed that we were
many MD5 checksum errors. 

We then took the following steps.

1. Reloaded from the CD the .img files, especially the ocord.img file. (We use
the OSA express card). 

2. Recreated the installer Guest Operating System.

3. Confirmed that the OSA express card is configured properly.

4. Confirmed that VM is installed and configured properly.

5. Tested rpms on the ftp server by doing a rpm -K. All packages on the ftp
server are OK.

6. Ftped the rpms to another Lintel box and confirmed that the rpms checksums on
the new machine are OK.

7. Ftped the rpms to an instance on the z/800 that we managed to get working.
Some of the files, (but not all) had checksum errors.

8. Noticed that the files with checksum errors where not always the same... i.e.
random corruption.

9. Examined the entire network between the ftp server and the z/800. No problems
found. No dropped or malformed packets. Both NICs configured properly (from the
switch perspective). A hardware diagnostic on the z/800 including the OSA card
comes back clean.

10. Tried to use http rather than ftp to serve up the installation rpms. We still
had md5 checksum errors.

11. Updated to the latest microcode on the OSA card.

Our conclusions so far are that VM is installed and configured properly.
The Virtual Machine in which Linux will run is configured properly.
The network and the OSA card are operational and working properly.
The ftp server with the install CDs is working properly.

Since both rhsetup and loader fail, we assume that the problem is with the RedHat
installer environment.

This leaves only the RedHat binaries (.img files) themselves???????

Any help would be appreciated.

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