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A Red Hat guy passing up the opportunity to talk about Cygwin?  For shame!

Dave, go to, download the setup program,
and install a full set of Open Source UNIX/Linux utilities for your Windows
system.  It will even work if you have an internet proxy at your company.

I use them all the time, and they are great for those of us that don't have
a choice of what desktop system we have to use at work.  In there, you'll
find md5sum, as well as tons of other things you'll come to know and love,
such as find, grep, sed, tar, gzip, etc.

Mark Post

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To: Dave Jeffs
Subject: RE:  Running anaconda - please wait...

On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 13:15, Dave Jeffs wrote:
> Brock - I am new to Linux and am an old OS/390 systems programmer so
> forgive my ignorance.  My RPM server resides on my hard drive and I am
> using WIN2000.  MD5sum executed from the command prompt is not
> recongized.  Do I need to move the RPM files to a Linux system to run
> MD5sum?

Hi Dave ... I use md5sum under linux, but there are freely available
md5sum programs ... a quick google search shows urls like:

> Also, what level of ocord.img did you use for your test?  I used:
> redhat-oco-2.4.9_37-s390-2.tar.gz

hmm ... the kernel version looks good ... how did you use this .tar.gz
file?  does it contain an ocord.img file inside of it?

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