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'service ipchains stop' allowed me to get in. thanks. As far as pointers, i
meant incomplete documentation, responses,  etc. but if the above is all i
managed to muck up i'm pretty happy with the results (used 'loader').   cant
find any log regarding the dasd problem i had.  seem to remember that loader
was trying to mount or go to a directory which was not there. Then i used
dasdfmt and fdasd and also had to mknod and finally mounted the dasd where
loader expected them.(as i said before i may have missed a step or something)

back to the documentation. there was a 7.2 readme and a 7.2 release notes, in
addition to the official redhat installation guide. i found myself refering to
all of them at times and there are inconsistancies.

do you know how i can have lcs module load on startup?  and which redhat tool
would i use to reconfigure network from a telnet session? thanks for the

David Sainty wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 02:27:59PM -0500, kjs wrote:
> > Rob,
> > Any pointers for the X-window install? The enigma code i assume.
> Pointers in what sense?  "How do you make it work?"??
> >
> > I tried texted based and have had a number of problems (probably self
> > caused). For instance, regarding dasd, had to use the mknod command then
> > mount them. The rest of the install seemed to go good until I rebooted
> You used "loader" or "rhsetup" to install?  What happened if you didn't
> use the mknod command??
> > Once the system is up i cant telnet OR ssh.  i changed /xinetd.d/telnet
> > 'disable=yes' to 'disable=no' and still fails. A tcpdump port 23 is ;
> > 08:00:23.62184 > S 1055169396:
> > 1055169396(0) win 64240 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (DF)
> > Ping works ok. xinetd and ssh servers are running.
> What did you select for your firewall configuration (assuming you used the
> "loader" text-based installer)?  Try doing a "service ipchains stop" as
> root on the console, then try again?
> Regards,
> DS..
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