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I want to upgrade my copy of the gcc compiler for the RedHat beta
because I've run into a number of cases where -O2 optimization simply
doesn't work right.

This is a known problem, and I'm assuming that the fixes that IBM have
posted to their alpha pages fix the problems. Since IBM's patch levels
don't seem to correspond to RedHat's numbering scheme, I'd planned to
download the SRPM for gcc from the RedHat private beta site, see what
patches had been applied and then add any new IBM patches to that and
rebuild the RPMs.

However, I see that the RedHat beta site is no longer present (at least
not under the directory in the original announcement message). There
appears to be an s390 version under /pub and it appears to have been
updated quite recently.

There's also a note in the doc directory which states that this is based
on the "20010405 update". Is that a reference to an IBM update level
(such that I could find what patches had been applied)? Does this level
have all the gcc fixes (such that -O2 should now work)? Should I update
my running version of the original beta from this copy?


Mike Durket

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