RPM 4.19.0 released!

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This release brings a number of quality-of-life improvements for package
authors and maintainers, most notably:

    * New spec snippet support for dynamic spec generation
    * New sysusers.d(5) integration for automated user and group handling
    * Proper shell-like globbing and escaping in %files and CLI
    * Memory and address-space aware build resource allocation

Under the hood, especially in RPM's own build process department, the most
notable changes are:

    * New CMake build system, replacing Autotools
    * Adoption of Linux containers in the test-suite, replacing Fakechroot
    * Support for find_package(rpm) in CMake projects using RPM libraries

For more details on the top two features of this release, visit:


For a complete list of changes, visit:


On behalf of the RPM team,


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