RPM 4.19.0 ALPHA2 released!

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This is a bug fix update to address a couple of issues found by the early
adopters of ALPHA1, mostly related to some bits and pieces missed during the
CMake transition.

Commits applied since ALPHA1:

    * Have dist (and snapshot) targets automatically pull in the po submodule
    * Add pgpVerifySignature2() and pgpPrtParams2()
    * Remove second share/ dir from infodir and mandir
    * Fix bzip2 detection
    * Test for the variable rather than it's expansion in cmake files
    * Enable large file support on 32-bit systems again
    * Use mkdir -p for creating SPECPARTS dir
    * Fix undefined symbols from plugins in some circumstances
    * Revert %_smp_build_ncpus change to a parametric macro (RhBug:2210347)
    * Move dbus announce plugin config to DATADIR

Details and download info at


Michal Domonkos / RPM dev team / Red Hat, Inc.

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